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At MCS, retractile cord manufacturing is our specialty. Our manufacturing methodology provides a high quality product at an economical price. With over 25 years of experience in polymers, designing custom cable and building a wide variety of retractile cords, MCS is at your service!

MCS retractiles/coil cords are custom built for optimum performance. Our cables are engineered for a wide spectrum of diverse applications. We build long lasting retractiles for robotics, harsh environments and continuous flexing.                                                                                                      

POWER CORDS                                                        ELECTRONIC                                                                                       MEDICAL                                                                                         SIGNAL/CONTROL                                                                                     DATA                                                                                                INDUSTRIAL                                                                                                                                                             HARSH ENVIRONMENTS                                                                                                                                          -50°C to +125°C

At MCS, we use a wide variety of cable components to provide optimum performance for a specific need.

CABLE JACKETS: Hytrel, Polyurethane, TPR/TPE, Custom Blends, Polyolefins & PVC

INSULATION: Hytrel, Polyolefins, Silicone, Fluoropolymers, XLPE & PVC

STRANDING: Bare Cu, Tinned Cu, Silver Plated Cu & Alloys

At MCS, we facilitate quick turn-around prototype builds on a regular basis. Our cellular manufacturing method allows us to do this at very economical prices. We welcome you to challenge us with your unique applications. 

At MCS, we ship our customers a 1st article sampling of the prospective product for approval before production begins. In custom applications, this practice allows the customer to evaluate the retractile, creating an opportunity to make changes or modifications.

At MCS, we are committed to responding to your inquiries immediately.  If you need technical assistance, or are not really sure what design you are looking for, we'll be pleased to assist you. 

We offer the best quality at an affordable price whether it's one retractile or 1,000.  Our service will be the same.

Give us a call, or email us today!

Phone: (715) 268-6344                                                                                                                                 Email: sales@matrixcablesolutions.com